Our Ministries


THRIVE is designed to take new Christians to the next step: from believer to disciple.

Many people, especially in America, are “believers” – they believe that God exists; but very few people are disciples. A disciple is a person who makes the teachings of their master their rule for living. A disciple of Jesus makes the teachings of Jesus – the Bible – their ultimate rule for faith and the way they conduct themselves in every area of life.


At Tree of Life Ministries, we sincerely believe that our children are a very big part of our church. God has given them a purpose and an assignment, and it is our job to help get them ready. It is our desire to raise them up to become awesome people of God, at any age! We want to see them grow and develop their own personal relationship with God and see them become pillars in the local church.


Webster Park

Webster Park was deeded to our church by the city of Marion in the Spring of 2010. Upon taking ownership of Webster Park (located at the corner of 13th and Geneva), we discovered that it has a very rich heritage among the West Side Neighborhood area and Marion city residents. We have made repairs to and maintain consistent upkeep of Webster Park while working to maintain the legacy that so many hold dear. We regularly maintain the grounds and have made several improvements. We also have plans to install park benches, improve lighting, lay a walking track, and eventually build a community center for family activities and community education.

For now, we fill our summer calendar with activities at Webster Park. We hold annual Block Parties, in addition to a monthly Movie Night at the Park through the warm summer months (see below to download flyer with dates). We love the Webster Park community.

To keep up on everything going on at Webster Park, please glance over our Webster Park photo album in our gallery and visit us on Facebook.


Supernatural Ministries training institute

Supernatural Ministries Training Institute (SMTI) is a video ministry school that we host here at Tree of Life Ministries. It was created by Dr. Mark T. Barclay, who is also the main teacher for the school. Each course is designed to be completed in a nine-month period. Classes meet once a week for three one-hour teachings. Students will learn about different aspects of church life and Christian life – everything from salvation and water baptism to church governments and leadership roles. This is considered an all-inclusive, intense discipleship training school and the number one Helps Ministry school in the nation. If you have a chance to enroll in SMTI, do not miss it!

Psalm 91 Police Card

Psalm 91

Our Psalms 91 card is a small and sincere gift that we give to police officers, firefighters, civil servants, military personnel, and veterans. It is a token of thanks to those who are currently or were at any time in service to our communities and to our nation.

The front of the card is printed with the words “THANK YOU” and on the back of the card is a prayer created from Psalms 91. Psalms 91 is a psalm of protection that was written by a man whose name was David. This was the same David – a shepherd boy – who killed the bear and lion with his own hands, defeated Goliath with a stone in a sling, established himself as a powerful warrior, and went on to be recognized as one of the greatest kings in Israel’s history. David realized that it was only by the power and protection of God that he was able to accomplish those great feats of victory.

We give these cards out because we are grateful for those who are so willing to put themselves in danger for others, work to keep the peace in our communities, and stay committed to protecting freedom. If you have a loved one who would like a Psalms 91 card, please contact us. We are more than happy to get one to them. In addition to handing out the cards, we ask that the recipients allow us to put their name on a list. We then take time during every Sunday night service to pray that those on the list are successful and protected in their work and that their families are comforted and blessed while their loved one serves.