Dear Church Family, 

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Let’s talk about failure. Failure is only failure if you let it be. It is defined as a lack of success in some effort. However, a lack of success in some effort does not mean there will never be success in that effort. Galatians 5 and 6 show us that even if sin is committed, restoration is possible. 

Failure does not make you a failure unless you simply just quit trying. I have a ministry friend who says, “Every time you see me, I am either up or getting up!” Now that is a great statement and my message to you today is- Refuse to stay down! Don’t quit, don’t give up, keep getting up! When I was in highschool, we had a convocation and the guest speaker was a special forces veteran. A friend and I were talking to him afterwards and he ended the conversation with these simple, yet powerful and impactful words….Drive on!

During my thirty-one years of ministry, I have seen many people just quit and give up. They simply never succeeded. Not because they couldn’t, not because God wouldn’t let them, but because they just quit and gave up.They did not drive on. They embraced failure and soon discovered that failure was miserable company. I respect people who keep getting up, who drive on, even though they have failed frequently. Who cares if you have failed thirteen times? Your fourteenth attempt may very well bring your breakthrough! There is always opportunity for success if you refuse to quit. Some of the most powerful lessons I have learned came from failing. At the very least, I learned how not to do it the next time. 

It does not matter what you have or have not done, or how many times you have failed and come up short. What matters is what you are going to do next. Are you going to just sit there and be miserable and discouraged or are you going to get up, believe God, and get moving? It’s your choice. 

Now, Drive on!