Dear Church Family,

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Our message theme for the month of April is the Ministry of Helps. The Ministry of Helps is the front line ministry that includes some of the following: Ushers, Greeters, Teachers in the Christian Education Department, the Hospitality Team, etcetera. These are the ministries that people encounter most frequently when they are in a church service. It is these ministries that actually make the church “go.”

As a young Christian, I was appointed to be the head usher in the church I was saved in. I was responsible for receiving the offerings, ministering the communion elements, guest minister relations, scheduling ushers for services, and security. I had a blast doing the job but never realized just how important the usher ministry was until I started pastoring. When I began seeing things from the “pulpit” instead of the “pew”,  I gained a much greater appreciation for those who served in all areas of ministry. I understood very quickly that without well-trained, effective, and efficient teams, the ability to provide meaningful ministry to people was greatly hindered. 

While I was a head usher, it always bothered me when we were short handed and could not get anyone (typically men) to serve as ushers. They would sit in church, leave when church was over and do nothing to help make ministry happen. This was an issue, not only with the usher team, but almost every other ministry as well. I could never understand why people did not want to help. They expected to be served, but were not willing to be servants themselves. On occasion, people who did nothing to help and serve, would complain about the way others served (which indicates a serious character issue for someone who professes Christ as Savior).

Jesus modeled servanthood and His example is one that every believer should endeavor to follow. We should serve the people of God in the house of God. If you are not currently on a Helps Ministry Team, get on one. Find a place to get involved!  We need every believer on the front lines, engaged in holy place ministry so every ministry at Tree of Life can function as effectively as possible. I promise you, it will be a blessing in your life.

I call you blessed!